Talking about branding, there are many ways a company can do to increase its brand awareness. From the most common ones such as advertising on TV, doing exhibitions, giving merchandise such as promotional flashdisks to clients, to the more current trend of content marketing.

Successful content marketing is when everyone talks about it, not when the transaction skyrocketed. Today content marketing does not only function to provide information to customers, but also provides positive views to users. Billboard campaigns and videos that are viral in the online domain and social media from various brands are one example of the success of content marketing.

However, implementing content marketing is not easy. A detailed experience and analysis of the content is needed. But don’t worry, something difficult doesn’t mean it’s impossible. There are several things that you can implement to increase brand awareness through content marketing. Here’s our review of some of these strategies!

Create E-Mail Newsletters and SMS Blasts

Most of you must feel that newsletters and SMS are something that sucks. You might even register it in the spam box. In fact, e-mail newsletters and SMS are one of the best channels to continue to maintain communication with users.

Although it seems trivial, try to focus on creating newsletters and SMS for your users. this is the most efficient channel to promote sales, discounts, and the latest updates about your business. In addition, you can also launch a survey using e-mail newsletters and SMS sent to users.

The question is, what if you don’t have a data bank about users? You can do this using ads by setting the objective to look for Leads. There you will find it easier to get user data or people who are interested in your business.

Create a Website

Today the world has transformed into digital and changing people’s habits in the world. A study says more than 60% of internet users, actively read blogs to obtain information. That means more than half of the population likes to search for content from a blog. That is why building a website is a way to increase brand awareness that is quite effective.

Not only can you create a website that can provide information about products only, but also a forum where the community can exchange ideas and communicate. This will make it easier for you to get users. For content in the blog, you can compile pillar content that is tailored to the fields in your company.

For design, usually website service providers will provide two choices, namely design using templates (usually cheaper) or custom website designs (more expensive). For brand awareness purposes, it is recommended to use custom web design because you can request design according to your company’s wants and brand identity.

Think Viral!

Even though content must reflect your brand’s personality, it should be noted that most engaging content is not always the most informative and professional. Fun, emotional, and funny content is the type that attracts the most attention. Both video and image content are easier to digest than text blocks, and also show your audience that your brand is willing to embrace digital trends.

Before being applied it is necessary to have a test done to find out whether the content will be viral? To find out, try to find out about previous viral content that has happened and look for the viral value, match it with the current trend.

You need to note that content marketing is not the same as conventional advertising that appears on glass screens or magazines. Content marketing is more focused on creative, interesting, and relevant ideas so that it can build a voice in the community and industry you are in.

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