Because we want to know how to sell Photos and Videos in Shutterstock to get money online, we will focus on the Contributors section. Now Shutterstock offers great opportunities for those who create digital content that includes unique photos and videos.

Shutterstock has been a popular site for more than 15 years to buy stock photos online. They have more than 200 million images, videos and music tracks for people to buy royalty free which also means they have millions of customers buying.

As a contributor to Shutterstock, you will get royalties every time one of your approved images or videos is downloaded by Shutterstock customers.

How much you make per each download depends on one or a combination of the following: licenses and subscriptions used for each download, and your income level.

Steps to sell photos on Shutterstock

First after registering then upload your photo with the right keywords. Add a good description followed by the right category and send it.

Within 5 days, your photos will be reviewed by photographic pioneers. If your photos are approved, Shutterstock customers from all over the world can see your photos and can buy them.

Keep reading this tutorial on how to sell photos on shutterstock.

You can sell lots of photos on Shutterstock as long as they are in JPG format and at least 4.0 mega pixels. So you might need a high-resolution camera for that.

Vector and Illustration: You can also make vectors and illustrations and sell them on this website. You can send EPS format files with a maximum size of 15MB or JPG images with at least 4.0 mega pixels.

Video: You can also make videos and sell them on this portal. However, the video length must be from 5 to 60 seconds. No more, no less.

You need to send photos that you believe can be used for commercial purposes. Some of the best-selling types of photos are Portrait Photography, Food Photography, Landscapes (usually with people) and fine art photography. Most importantly, good photos with people selling the best.

As a photographer, you can easily get extra cash (or even start a new career) if you know the right place to sell your photos online. Photographers of various skill levels are needed for their work, now more than ever before.

How to sell photos on Shutterstock

You only get one chance at first impression. What impression do you want to make for your audience? The biggest way to make an impression is to create a beautiful website that shows off your work. Right now, you can’t go with an outdated website because more and more the world is becoming digital.

As discussed above, Shutterstock pays a very good commission on sales generated by one of the methods mentioned. You can be paid in Paypal, Skrill, and Bank Check. The minimum payment for Electronic payments is $ 75 while Check is $ 300. So it depends on how you want to get your payment. After two weeks on 1st of each month, payments are calculated.

One general thought about selling stock before we start. Whatever agency you sell, don’t expect to get rich by selling stock photography. Selling your work as a stock might give you a good extra income to help buy the lens or tripod that you always want, but most of the time it won’t pay the bill.

And here is another thing to consider: Photography is a very good hobby too. Making money from pictures is a completely different game. If you are bothered by administrative tasks, don’t have a long-term outlook, become impatient, that might have an impact on how you value photography as a whole.

So you might reconsider if trying to make a lot of money from your pictures is really worth damaging the positive attitude you have towards photography.

There is nothing wrong with just enjoying the pictures you take, learning from Youtube videos how to make your pictures look better and share them with your friends on Facebook.

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