Selling your used DVDs and CDs is a great way to make money easily while minimizing chaos in your home.

The way to maximize unwanted games and movies is to play on eBay, but it involves unattractive commitments such as dedication, hard work, and follow-up. Retail trade-ins, on the other hand, give you a reward for your laziness and longing to push a large pile of rubbish into a counter or into a box with prepaid shipping and receive very little reward.

Have some used CDs, DVDs & Blu-rays that you don’t want anymore? Open the Sell to Us page (Buying and Selling Policy) to find out how much we will pay, then pack it and send it to us to get cash or credit! Want a faster way of selling? Try our Sales Calculator.

Where to Buy or Sell used DVD Near Me ?

  1. D Mecluttr
    Decluttr allows you to sell your used Blu-Ray DVDs and movies with cash. And, they will even buy your cellphone, tablet, video game console, and used textbooks.
  2. SecondSpin
    SecondSpin will receive almost all DVD titles as long as it is Region 1 or Free Region / All discs. Also, artwork and disks must be in good condition with minimal writing or stickers so you can receive the full price.
  3. Eagle Saver
    You can sell old or new DVDs and Blu-Rays in Eagle Saver. Just enter the 12 digit barcode listed under the UPC barcode to receive instant offers for each movie you want to sell used dvd.
  4. Bonavendi
    Bonavendi has a slightly different view in the sales process because they compare prices from 20 different repurchase vendors. This price search engine can be the fastest way to get the best price for your collection.
  5. Selling DVDs Online
    Selling DVD Online will buy your DVD, Blu-Rays, CDs, games and video game consoles. You will receive an offer when you enter the UPC barcode in the website box.
    If you have a new film release or film collector (Disney vaulted film or VHS, for example), consider auctioning.
  7. Amazon
    This retail giant allows you to sell used films in any format, but their VHS market is very hot right now.

Not. All items must be in resale condition. We have a set of specific guidelines about what qualifies for a resale item:

  • The mattress must be intact and in good condition
  • Goods generally must be of the type that has a market for resale
  • The disc must be in good condition. This means they have to play continuously without passing, stopping, or failing to read

Warning About Selling the Film You Convert to Digital Copies when sell used dvd.
If you use services such as Vudu to make digital conversion discs, or you have a movie that comes with an Ultra Violet copy, know that selling original copies of movies after you convert them may not be a hot idea. Even though it’s still very gray, selling a physical copy of a film that can actually be interpreted as violating a license agreement or copyright law because you still keep a digital copy of the film.

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