Vector illustrations are created using vector illustration software, such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. These programs use mathematical equations and geometric primitives (points, lines and shapes) to create a clean photographic art that can be scaled to infinity, without loss of quality or fidelity.

Scalability is one of the main reasons why vector image files are so valuable to printers. The same graphic file can be used to reproduce your design on something as small as a business card or the size of an advertising board, without any loss of quality.

Vector art is easier for computers to store than bitmap images and spend less space on files, which is likely why the brain stores images in the same way. In fact, poster-sized images stored in this form will only consume a few kilobytes of memory. The same image is stored at a moderate resolution may not even fit on a single CD-ROM as a bitmap image.

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Another advantage of vector art is the fact that each line in an image represents an object. This makes it easier to re-edit images as needed. The same does not apply to bitmap art.

Another advantage of vector art is the fact that each line in an image represents an object. This makes it easier to re-edit images as needed. The same does not apply to bitmap art.

Vector images, as an alternative, allow more flexibility. Built using mathematical formulas and not individual color blocks, vector file types such as EPS, AI and PDF are very good for graphics that often require resizing. Your company’s brand logo and image must be vectored and stored as a master file so you can use it with smaller items such as your business cards and letterhead, but also on larger surfaces, such as your company’s jets. If necessary, always create JPG or PNG for use on the web from this main vector file. Be sure to save the new raster file in the exact dimensions needed.

If you do not know why vector art is important and why you need to worry about it, you’re in the right place. Knowing is power, and we guarantee incredible power after reading this guide and learning exactly what vector art is, why it’s so important and its relationship to graphic design, corporate logos and promotional products.

Vector graphics are sometimes called “drawing graphics”, they mean the same thing. Technical definition of vector graphics is complicated. In summary, vector files are a type of graph that uses mathematical algorithms, which can resize or modify the image without loss of quality or resolution. These images are easy to resize or resize and provide a better quality graphic!

What is vector art ?

The challenge of using bitmap image files – and the reason we often request vector art files – is that every time a bitmap image is manipulated, information is lost, changed, and recalculated by the computer when the image is re-modified. This can cause blur, jagged edges and loss of detail. If we try to double the size of a raster image such as a JPG, the result will be blurry and of low quality. But because vector images are based on mathematical formulas, their size can be doubled or tripled and still retain clear, high-quality details. Vector images can also be edited to change the color or shape of a part without affecting the overall image.

One of the first uses of vector graphic displays has been the usage air defense system. Vector were removed from en-route air traffic control in the United States in 1999. Today is still used in military and specialized systems. The pioneer of computer graphics Ivan Sutherland also used vector graphics on the TX-2 from MIT Lincoln Laboratory. He use it to run his Sketchpad program in 1963.

Every day, thousands of talented artists from around the world create stunning vector artwork. We have browsed the Internet to find 10 of the best and most inspiring examples in your life.

What is vector art ? For me, the vector illustration is one of the most satisfying and exciting creations; Once you’ve learned the basics, it’s a pure pleasure to play with shapes and colors. This article will guide you through the first tools and tips needed to create vector artwork with Adobe Illustrator.

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